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About Even Though The Sky Was Falling

The Globe And Mail
Wednesday June 16th, 2010
Five must-see songstresses: NXNE Highlights by Brad Wheeler

Very simply, this delicate, sweetly-melodic Toronto songstress needs to be heard. She’s beguiles twice, at the Cameron (Thursday, 1 a.m., 408 Queen St. W.) and the Garrison (Sunday, 10 p.m., 1197 Dundas St. W.).

Also on the top-pick list: Zola Jesus, Fanshaw, Maylee Todd, Hannah Georges

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The Globe And Mail
Tuesday May 11th, 2010
Essential Track of the Day by Brad Wheeler

Be My Girl by Karyn Ellis, from Even Though the Sky Was Falling (independent); streaming at myspace.com/karynellis

"A breathy piano ballad about escape and desire builds to a joyous gospel chorale, proving that the Toronto singer-songwriter has a magical way with song and that Leonard Cohen has no copyright on the word hallelujah."

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Guelph Mercury
May 18, 2010
CD Review: Even Though The Sky Was Falling by Robert Reid, Record Staff


Toronto singer/songwriter Karyn Ellis was a revelation when she debuted in early 2009 at the Registry Theatre with Eve Goldberg and Evalyn Parry.

Four years in the making, Even Though the Sky Was Falling sounds like an album of nursery rhymes.

And Toronto singer/songwriter Karyn Ellis has a soft, fragile voice reminiscent of a Victorian childhood.

But Ellis's latest offering is for adults who are struggling to find their way through the chaos and mania that obscure the journey of life. Beauty, dedicated to the memory of a friend who succumbed to cancer, is a highlight.

Co-produced by Ellis and Don Kerr, best known for his work with Ron Sexsmith, Even Though the Sky Was Falling is more joyous and upbeat than her previous albums of heartbreak and loss. But Ellis retains a porcelain-like quality that remains poignant for its delicacy. Guest musicians include Evalyn Parry, John Millard and Brian Kobayakawa of the Creaking Tree Quartet.

Grayowl Point
May 15 , 2010
CD Review: Even Though The Sky Was Falling by Michael

To put it plain and simple, Karyn Ellis is a pop singer-songwriter that others should aspire to be like. Not one note or lyric is wasted on her third recording, Even Though the Sky Was Falling.

Whether it is by the simple melodies, catchy hooks or Ellis' breathtakingly angelic voice, you will definitely be charmed by this ten-song collection.

It doesn't matter what kind of tune she sings; whether it is slow and melodic like the album opener "Be My Girl" or the album's title track, or playful and upbeat like "Bitter Grasses" or "Little Grey Sparrow" she succeeds. "Be My Girl" starts out slow and is only backed by a piano, and then you are swiftly introduced to Ellis' voice, a voice that sets her apart from other female singers. The song sounds so natural that she is even able to bring in a gospel choir without it seeming like something is off.

Or take "Not Looking for Love"- again, the melody is rather simple but also introduces a sweeping strings section, making the song infinitely enjoyable. In most cases, I would scoff at the lyrics "I'm not looking for love/This foolish thing that's left behind" but coming from Ellis, they seem completely honest and unabashed.

When it moves onto "Bitter Grasses" Ellis proves that she can just as easily do an upbeat, borderline-country song and not lose her touch. The tone of this song is almost accusatory, especially with the repeated hook of "You don't hear a word I said."

Speaking of hooks, that's what makes the next song, "Low" such a great one. Most of the song is repetition of a few phrases accompanied by finger snaps ending with "Why am I so low?" The song's simplicity makes it one of the best on the album.

Melodies and vocals aside, Karyn Ellis is also great with her lyrics as well. "Beauty" begins with a string of similes, such as "Like a churchyard fills a bell/Like a desert fills the sand." Her lyrics also serve as great storytelling, namely in the album closer "Motorcycle Ride" which tells the story about a fond memory with a past lover.

If I haven't made it clear by now, this is a fantastic record from a local Torontonian artist and is really setting the bar for female pop singer-songwriters.

Top Tracks: "Low"; "Motorcycle Ride"
Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) +*swoop*

Original Article on Grayowl Point Blog

The Globe And Mail
May 11, 2010

Be My Girl by Karyn Ellis, from Even Though the Sky Was Falling (independent); streaming at myspace.com/karynellis

A breathy piano ballad about escape and desire builds to a joyous gospel chorale, proving that the Toronto singer-songwriter has a magical way with song and that Leonard Cohen has no copyright on the word hallelujah.

Click here to stream/download from The Globe And Mail Site.

Ottawa Sun
Tuesday May 11, 2010

"Singer-songwriter Karyn Ellis keeps a positive outlook on life."

Karyn Ellis says that playing live is "like taking a drug, a wonderful, uplifting drug."

Whether she's ever actually tried such a drug is unclear. Take my word for it, the singer, songwriter and sometime actor from Toronto catches a little buzz every time she performs for an appreciative audience. The glow she gets is so agreeable, that three years ago, Ellis even sold her farm near Tweed, Ontario to pursue her dream of performing for a living.

"I always wanted to be David Bowie when I was young because he was so theatrical and otherworldly," Ellis says post-gig at Maxwell's in Kitchener-Waterloo. "I feel really big and happy when I'm on stage. Acting is terrifying but it's a lot of fun. At least when I play music I can hide behind my guitar. It's become my best friend."

But first she needed songs. So Ellis, who studied at Humber College where she won their Most Original New Voice Award in 2007, and the National Theatre School, partnered up with former alumnae and indie heavyweights John Millard, Hidden Cameras' Amy Lang, Creaking Tree's Brian Kobayakawa and producer Don Kerr to make her first record, the whimsical romantic fantasy "Even Though the Sky Was Falling", on which she sings about such unconventional topics like cancer, "Motorcycle Rides", which has been short-listed for the Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award and the hit TV series CSI. No doubt, she'll be playing a few of them when she performs at Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield on May 15.

"The songs are little snippets of wonder. It's hard to remember that life is beautiful sometimes."

It's that positive attitude that fuels her songwriting and theatrical performances that made her bold enough to choose music in the first place.

Ellis studied opera at Queen's University before busking her way through Europe and even selling Christmas trees in New York City before recording her EP "Bird" in 2002, and her critically-acclaimed debut CD "Heart's Fall" three years later.

For some reason she can't explain, Ellis is huge with the Dutch. "Karyn Ellis is a singer we simply must embrace in Europe," Altcountryforum.nl wrote.

So, even when she's broke, which is often, life is going Ellis's way, because she willed it to. If she were to sum up her philosophy of life, its to not get too wrapped up in the daily crisis's we're exposed to everyday.

"The world is a hard place to be. We hear that all the time now that the Internet delivers bad news that much faster. But I don't want to turn into Chicken Little, worried that the sky is falling. I want to live life well and focus on the joy and wonder of life. Why not live life like the world is beautiful?"


Karyn Ellis and Janine Stoll play Kaffe 1870 on Riverside in Wakefield on Saturday, May 15 at 9 p.m.. Tickets are $10, or pay-what-you-can at the door

Original Article in the Ottawa Sun

Vancouver Sun / Windsor Star
May 8 , 2010
CD Review: Even Though The Sky Was Falling by Marke Andrews

KARYN ELLIS: Even Though the Sky Was Falling (Mathilde's Home Productions) A singer-songwriter with Karyn Ellis's life experience should have stories to tell. A classically trained musician who set out to sing opera, this bright Ontario girl got sidetracked into pop music and weird day jobs, including singing telegrams for a living. Even Though the Sky Was Falling, her sophomore CD, proves this is a woman with stories. Opening track Be My Girl begins with the lyric, "My hands are tied behind my back. To the chair. To the wood. To the side of me that is afraid," and then Ellis turns this S&M image (Ellis was inspired by CSI episodes) into a statement about women breaking free of bondage in whatever form. Two songs later, Ellis performs an up-tempo stomper with a low, rumbling electric guitar; Duane Eddy lives! Often her songs tug, musically and lyrically, with contrasting emotions. Low has a bouncing rhythm, even though Ellis sings plaintively, "Why am I so sad?" The title track, written for a friend who died, has an uplifting quality. Musically, the disc has genre-defying arrangements, the studio calling on adults and children to sing, and musicians to play toy piano, glockenspiel, french horn and trombone. Rating 4 out of 5

The Beacon Herald, Stratford Ontario
Friday May 7th, 2010

No, there isn't a toddler touring with Karyn Ellis.

The Toronto singer-songwriter laughs at the question, a reference to the voice at the end of the song "Beauty" on her new CD, "Even Though the Sky Was Falling."

"He doesn't know how to drive," she quipped over a cellphone on her way to teach a music lesson.

The voice belongs to Oscar, her sort-of godchild, who was just three when he lent his voice to the song a year ago. Ellis said she had an idea of a "toddler choir" made up of Oscar's friends singing the chorus. She got them together but they got a case of stage fright.

"Except for Oscar who stepped up," she added.

Quirky, whimsical, poetic and sweet describe Ellis's music. She performs Friday night in Stratford at Foster's Inn, her first show in town.

Ellis, who studied opera at Queen's University, said she almost gave up on the music industry in favour of getting a "real" job when a Canada Council grant for composition arrived in answer to an application she'd forgotten about.

It allowed her to put together a supporting case of 16 musicians for the album. The result is a lush, multi-layered sound with horns, strings and even glockenspiel.

Ellis, shortlisted for the Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award and named Humber College's 2007 Most Original New Voice, is performing solo though.

"It's basically stripping it down to the song. That's where I started from when I went into the studio with just these songs and me playing guitar," she said.

"It's far more about the vocals and the lyrical content."

The album was co-produced by Don Kerr, who has also worked with Canadian songsmith Ron Sexsmith.

Ellis is touring with Janine Stoll, who also has a new album.

The show begins at 8 p.m. Admission is a suggested $15.

Original Article in the Beacon Herald

The Windsor Star / Ottawa Citizen
Thursday May 6, 2010 / Thursday May 13, 2010

Karyn Ellis was ready to chuck it in as a singer and get a day job when a letter arrived from the Canada Council.

"I was literally on my way out to find work when the grant came in the mail," said the Toronto-based songwriter, who used the money to make her latest CD, Even Though the Sky Was Falling.

Ellis plays music from the CD, as well as her earlier album, tonight at Phog Lounge.

The U.K.-born singer who grew up in Toronto had achieved some fleeting fame for her earlier album, Hearts Fall, in 2007. Humber College's songwriting faculty named her that year's most original new voice.

"It's the plight of the indie artist in Canada, I guess," she said. "People seemed to like the album and everything. I was touring, went out west."

But things just sort of fizzled after that.

"It was a bit of a hard go. It's a big country and with all the travel, I was feeling worn down. I was working super hard and not seeing rewards. So I was, like, OK, I quit."

So the self-described "queen of grant-writing" fired off several applications for arts grants.

The Canada Council for the Arts usually provides incentive grants to writers and visual artists, but seldom musicians. Working musicians usually have to go through Factor to get funds for the recording, while the Council pays for the lyrical content through its Canada Music section.

But the process is not as simple as it looks: "I've got a whole collection of rejection letters in my drawer," said Ellis.

When the letter came giving her six months to work on a new album, she said, "It seemed like this amazing reprieve that the universe sent my way."

So much so that she named the album after the song that defines her philosophy of life.

"It's sort of a take on the Chicken Little story," she said. "The sky is falling, the sky is falling. We live at a time when there's so much information to process and it's easy to get caught up in it.

"Even if the sky is falling, I can walk outside right now and see irises growing outside my door. Little, wonderful things are happening around us all the time if we just stop and take notice."

Even Though the Sky Was Falling has been getting the same kinds of raves as the earlier project. But Ellis won't let all the attention distract her.

"It's not that I am suggesting we pretend it isn't a big, scary world. It's more the notion that I am choosing now how to spend my time.

"Not overwhelmed, not frightened. Just enjoying life, looking up at the sky."

Original Article in the Windsor Star

The Montreal Gazette
Thursday May 6, 2010
What's On Your I-POD? ARTIST FEATURE by Bernard Perusse

MONTREAL - Singer-songwriter Karyn Ellis finds inspiration in some bizarre spots - creepy CSI episodes, for example. But that doesn't make the inventively arranged songs on her latest album, Even Though the Sky Was Falling, any less charming. The disc, which Ellis produced with sometime Ron Sexsmith collaborator and bandmate Don Kerr, will be the focus of the Toronto performer's concert here next week. Here are her iPod faves.

1. New Goodbye, Hey Rosetta!

2. All Night, Sam Phillips

3. Swimming Song, Kate and Anna McGarrigle

4. Ambergris, Snowblink

5. You Are Too Beautiful, Hawksley Workman

6. Tumble Down, Janine Stoll

7. Save Me, Aimee Mann

8. Drive Thru America, Evalyn Parry

9. Faith, Ronley Teper

10. Boats and Water, Jack Breakfast

Karyn Ellis performs May 14 at Centre St. Ambroise, 5080A St. Ambroise St. Voluntary donations - $10 is suggested - can be given at the door.

Original Article in The Montreal Gazette

The Record / The Guelph Mercury
May 5 , 2010 / May 9, 2010

Patience is certainly an important asset for anyone in today's world, especially if you're an independent musician. It took Toronto singer/songwriter Karyn Ellis four years to complete her latest album, Even Though The Sky Is Falling, but she says that taking the time in the recording studio was essential in fulfilling her creative vision.

Ellis's previous releases have been more spontaneous affairs, emphasizing the raw emotions at the heart of her work. A devoted student of the Leonard Cohen/Joni Mitchell songwriting school, Ellis has been a CBC Radio and folk festival favourite. However, she wanted to explore a wider range of musical ideas on the new album, the result being an intricate and uplifting collection of songs.

"I decided really early on what the album title was, and the songs just kind of showed up as we went along," she says. "The song that became the title track was from this idea about Chicken Little and the shenanigans he gets into. That idea appealed to me the more I thought about the chaotic days we're living in, where every event is overwhelming and the world is in crisis all the time. The song, and the rest of the album in general, are about trying to stay grounded and joyful in the midst of all that."

While Even Though The Sky Is Falling was released last winter to glowing reviews, Ellis is allowing it to find an audience organically, in much the same way it was created.

"We're kind of doing the big spring launch party now," she says. "There was such a long pause in between my albums -- and this one is so musically different -- that I still don't feel I need to rush anything. I believe the songs speak for themselves."

Ellis adds, "It was like this umbrella idea I couldn't have even defined until the album was done. A lot of stuff I've written in the past was sad, but some sort of shift in myself occurred at some point where everything didn't have to be bleak. I still wouldn't say this is the happiest record in the world, but people seem to be digging it."

Ellis gives much of the credit for how the album turned out to her producer Don Kerr, known for his work with countless Toronto artists. "I hadn't worked with a producer before and he'd worked with a friend of mine named Claire Jenkins," Ellis says. "I didn't work up the courage to ask him until I happened to be at a birthday party for his one-year-old, who ended up singing on the record as part of the 18-voice choir."

Stripping all of those textures away for her live performances is the challenge that Ellis is now embracing, although she finds it just as rewarding. "It's actually a lot of fun playing these songs solo," she says. "It almost feels like coming full circle in getting back to the essence of the songs when all of the arrangements are taken away."

Who: Karyn Ellis w/Janine Stoll; When: Sunday; Where: The Cornerstone, 1 Wyndham St. N., Guelph; Cost: $10; Show Time: 9 p.m.; More Info: 519-827-0145

Original Article in Nightlife

Jan 27, 2010
CD Review: Even Though The Sky Was Falling by Martin Overheul

What strikes you first about the voice of Canadian singer-songwriter Karyn Ellis is her appealing mixture of youthful innocence and feminine sensuality. Ellis' timbre is both clear and raspy, a combination that always works for me. Thus is the case on 'Even Though The Sky Was Falling', the third album of a singer who has proven herself in her own country but who still urgently needs to be embraced in Europe.

Strange that it took almost five years for a follow up to appear after her outstanding album 'Hearts Fall', a disk which gave her some positive attention on a national and international level. Not hip enough for the music scene of recent years? Not glossy enough for easy consumption? Too hard to get a handle on? Who knows what is going on in the minds of record executives. Not much, I think.

'Even Though The Sky Was Falling' has been on my iPod for a while now and the album was more than worth waiting for. Here we find another impressive dimension to Karyn Ellis' talent: the originality and ingenuity of her folk-pop sound (that name comes from her, not me). Not surprisingly, her music shares similarities with equally independent, creative spirits like Dory Previn, Ricky Lee Jones, Devon Sproule and Feist.

Ellis opens with the captivating 'Be My Girl', a song so meaty that it sets the bar high for the rest of the album. It is followed by the elegant ballad 'Not Looking For Love', which it turns out is equally strong - if not more so - characterized by Ellis' writing and singing abilities. Beautiful instrumentation, ingenious melody and gorgeous lyrics.

And so it goes on, as if writing a brilliant song were child's play, with the title track 'Even Though The Sky Was Falling', 'Ten Stories' and 'Motorcycle Ride' as undisputed highlights. But it is challenging to identify a single standout on an album that is so remarkably clear and consistent.

Karyn Ellis is a singer we simply must embrace in Europe.

The original Dutch article is here www.altcountryforum.nl/2010/01/27/karyn-ellis-even-though-the-sky-was-falling

Even Though The Sky Was Falling was also named the "CD Tip of The Week" on their homepage.

Jan 11, 2010
CD Review: Even Though The Sky Was Falling by Benny Metten


In 2005 we found her CD "Hearts Fall" to be a real beauty, and this new one is even better! In this reviewer's opinion, this young woman from Toronto has everything at hand to attract a wide audience within a really short time. In "Even Though The Sky Was Falling" she evokes words and sounds even more clearly than before. Without getting lost in endless experimenting, on this third album she shows the kind of vocal agility that only the greatest possess. Moreover, her eclectic approach to failed loves and her songs about burning desire offer the best imaginable playground for this. From the folk-pop of "Be My Girl" (nicely accompanied on the piano by Michael Holt) to the ballad "Not Looking For Love" (with strings that give it a little classical touch); from the fabulous, introverted twangy root-pop of "Bitter Grasses" to the alternative folk of "Low" (lifted up to lonely heights by the Illustrious Horn Section); from the truly beautiful title song (again such a heavenly, sensitive "sleeper" that eases in with the sound of a crackling record) to "Little Grey Sparrow" (a nice example of playful, summery Americana); from "Beauty" (indeed beautiful and that's not just because of the name) to the final trilogy "Ten Stories", "Shooting Star" and "Motorcycle Ride", this is pure enjoyment from the first to the last. Flawless songs, an entirely fantastic voice, musicians that put themselves completely at service of the songs, and on top of that, with Don Kerr a great producer on board - we cannot think of what else one could wish for. A fantastic disc!

The original Dutch article is on www.CtrlAltCountry.be

Even Though The Sky Was Falling was also named the "CD Tip of The Week" on their homepage.

!Earshot Magazine
Jan 12, 2010
CD Review: Even Though The Sky Was Falling by Allison Brown

Lightning might strike only once in the same place, but on Karyn Ellis' new release "Even Though The Sky Was Falling", sparks fly on all ten songs. Melodically unconventional, Karyn leaves no note unturned as she plunges and weaves through the full spectrum of each song, bringing the ear to unanticipated, yet infectiously tuneful terrain. Karyn's rich cinnamon vocals sail comfortably atop a frothy instrumentation highlighted by horns artfully arranged by Brian Kobayakawa supported by Don Kerr's intricate production architecture. Dangerously dancing with twinkly elements like plucked cello, toy piano, banjo, children's choir and glockenspiel, Kerr and Ellis bravely avoid oversweetening the record by creating a balanced orchestra that does not overshadow the melody or content. Karyn draws the listener close with deeply personal and illustrative expressions of joy, fear, loneliness, beauty and nostalgia that translate her sincere feeling in each song. Lyrically creative, "Beauty" is made up entirely of simile - some which makes you think - "Like A Shoelace Fills A Shoe", "Like The Finder Fills The View" - the song's entrance note begins with almost audible pulses that explode into a flurry of horns, stopping abruptly as Karyn takes to the sonic stage to present the song's playful bliss. With a hint of heaviness, Karyn borrows Joni Mitchell's map of Canada, -missing the drawn faces-, as she sighs through "Not Looking For Love". The sky might be falling, but Karyn's ten celestial tunes on "Even Though The Sky Was Falling", her second full-length release, are sure to send this songstress's star on a rapid rise.


"Lately, I am hooked on the sound of Karyn Ellis.

Her new album "Even though the Sky was Falling" is just a gem. This Toronto based indie artist has created a sound that is both new and sentimental. I love her quirky twist of word. Songs of love lost and longing memories. Joy and beauty. All this and a stunning voice too. (sort of Jane Siberryish... if that's a word!) The surprise also comes with the soft cello, subtle singing horns. From "Be my Girl" to "Motorcycle Ride", this album is full of intimate tunes that pull at your heartstrings. Ordinary life gone better. " David Raithby ~ Blog entry posted December 18th, 2009: http://davidraithby.blogspot.com

"Brilliant. Karyn Ellis's Even Though the Sky Was Falling grabbed my heartstrings immediately and hasn't let go....Karyn's lyrics can really hit home at times. We've all been there before, at some point in our lives and Karyn brings us back to remembering those moments...I highly recommend that everyone check out this unique and truly gifted Toronto songwriter and take a listen to this beautifully crafted album." ~ Rozalind MacPhail, NeNW.ca ~ Read the full review here: www.nxew.ca/2009/11/cd-review-karyn-ellis.html

"Smart and Beautiful. ***** (5 stars) Karyn brings her beautiful sound to life with playful lyrics that spark playful memories. I loved it from the first listen." ~ iTunes Customer Review

"[Even Though The Sky Was Falling] is ornate and beautiful and just wow." ~ Tyler B., Ann Arbor, USA.

Re: London CD Launch Party, Nov 20, 2009:
Karyn got on stage after a short intermission and just rocked out. She's sweet and ferocious all at once and her album reminds me intensely of Hawksley Workman's Treeful of Starling. It's a celebration of the mundane, or at least what our society believes to be the mundane. I call it the sacred. The stuff we're all too hard-bitten and realistic to talk about in front of our friends. The stuff the Romantic poets wrote about. I'm in for the long run with Ellis. ~ Eric Malette, November 23 2009, London Ontario ~ Read the full blog entry here: http://ericmalette.wordpress.com/2009/11/23/the-karyn-ellis-cd-release-party-london-ontario-style/

About Karyn

Her voice dances along the line between cool and quirky without falling onto the wrong side. She comes across rather like Victoria Williams but clearly with her own sensitivity and sensuality....[Hearts Fall] is the sort of disc you are likely to buy several of to spread among friends." Penguin Magazine, Canada
  • "4 out of 5 ...such bittersweet pleasures. You can hear Welch, Waits, Amos, Brickell, Peyroux, the Cowboy Junkies and the Be Good Tanyas all rolled up in that one tiny body, that one mournful voice. Superior late night stuff!" CtrlAltCountry.be, Belgium
  • "On this, her first full-length release, Toronto's Karyn Ellis surprises and delights. A unique combination of rustic musical textures (stand-up bass, honky-tonk piano stylings, etc.) and a dead-on modern lyrical approach, Hearts Fall hits all the marks beautifully. ‘A' " Scene Magazine
  • "Hearts Fall is a first rate record that grows more splendid with every listen ...without a doubt one of the finest in its genre." Rootstime.be, Belgium
  • "You simply have to delight in Karyn Ellis' fragile and sometimes oddly girlish voice. Her high tones and jazz-like melodies are reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, but minimal instrumentation and unexpected musical turns in otherwise straightforward songs are just as connected to the contemporary sound of free-style folk." Kindamusik.net, Netherlands
  • Karyn Ellis' "voice is lovely, the arrangements are simple & clever, and there's an almost rustic quality to [Hearts Fall] -likely from being recorded live off the floor-that makes it extra sweet." Amanda Putz, CBC Radio 1

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