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Karyn Ellis's website
Karyn Ellis's website

WHAT'S NEW: 1/07/2011

Happy 2011 everyone!

To celebrate the new year, I will be launching the newly redesigned www.karynellis.com! Web guy Carlos Gouveia is feverishly programming to get the site up and fancy polished. Look for it in a couple of weeks... and there's something else new for 2011. The release of a new music video for "Bitter Grasses". News coming veeeerrrrrry soon!

So in the last few days of this trusty website's life, let me take this opportunity to post what may be one of the final times I have to handcode this link: see tour listings for details about my upcoming Girls With Glasses Tour (six dates in Feb 2011) and an Ottawa show happening Saturday January 29th!

WHAT'S NEW: 12/02/2010

Here's a one-of-a-kind gift idea for/from you!

For a limited time only! Orders from now till December 8th come with a free, one-of-a-kind snowflake lovingly hand made by me, Karyn.

ORDER through my little web store; purchase online through Pay pal!

WHAT'S NEW: 11/21/2010

Just back from the Homeroutes Tour, which took Karyn into 14 living rooms to perform shows in 15 days across Alberta and Saskatchewan. Click here to view Karyn's travelogue on Facebook.

And now she's turning around and heading straight back out across BC & Alberta for a whirlwind tour with Dave Newberry starting in Vancouver this Wednesday. See tour listings for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 10/10/2010

Join Karyn for her last few Ontario shows next week before she heads west for the winter. See tour listings for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 08/26/2010

Homeroutes Living Room Concert Series: Dates / cities announced. Karyn plays 13 living room shows in 15 days across Central Alberta between October 27 to November 10. Many of these dates are open to the public. See tour listings for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 08/04/2010

Just got back to T.O from Wells BC. Both the 4-day intensive Songwriting Workshop with Ken Whiteley from Tuesday to Friday, and Artswells Festival over the long weekend were AMAZING! I wrote three new songs while I was there, and I played in two historic buildings, both acoustically beautiful, the old Sunset Theatre in Wells and the church in Barkerville.

Now that I'm back, I'm looking ahead to the last of my summer festival plans. I've been invited back again this year to play at Joanne Mackell's Annual Jambo on Wards Island, in Toronto Ontario. That's happening August 29th. See tour listings for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 07/19/2010

Good times at River and Sky Festival! The weather was amazing, the scene was rocking! This Saturday I'll be at Raising the Roof Women's Music Festival just outside of Kingston, ON. Then I'm heading to BC to play a Vancouver show on Sunday, then up to Wells/Barkerville BC for Artswells over the long weekend. See tour listings for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 07/13/2010

Awesome! The most wonderfuls Amy Campbell & Glenna Garramone (who incidentally was the first place winner of that Island Moutain Arts songwriting contest I mentioned earlier) have added me as their special guest to their show at The Little Mountain Gallery on Sunday July 25th in VANCOUVER, BC!

But before I head west, I'll be playing a couple of festivals in Ontario starting next weekend at River and Sky Festival. See tour listings for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 07/05/2010

Check out this one minute teaser for the film about the Creative MashUP that happened a couple of weeks ago at Catherine North Studio in Hamilton. Fellow songwriter, Ian Smith and I met for the first time and co-wrote a new song (called "Head in the Clouds" in front of a live audience! Full video coming soon...

My song Motorcycle Ride saw an Honourable Mention in this year's Island Moutain Arts songwriting contest. As a result I'm heading to the songwriting workshop in Wells, BC the week of July 25th to 30th (Ken Whiteley is our trusty leader for the workshop, can't wait!) Then I'll be staying on to play at the Artwells Festival over the weekend. Check out their website for more info about the festival.

Before I head west, though, I will be playing at a couple of festivals in Ontario: River and Sky July 18th and Raise The Roof Women's Music Festival 24th. See tour listings for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 06/21/2010

NXNE was super fun! Not only did I play twice, but I made full use of my delegate badge... spent the weekend out & about the streets / clubs of Toronto. Phew! I am tired today! Both showcases were received warmly, and I'll post photos & vids and stuff soon. If you have any images/vids from te shows, send them my way and I'll post them too!

Looking ahead to next week... Sunday 27th TOTSTOCK! Then, I'm @ the Rivoli on June 30th at The Box Salon, "...a quarterly salon night of readings, performances, screenings, interventions and networking that aims to bring diverse communities and audiences into an environment of artistic and social intermingling." (Both shows are in Toronto) See tour listings for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 06/17/2010

KARYN named one of "Five must-see songstresses" at NXNE in the Globe & Mail today!

Listen to Karyn's interview on CBC Radio 1 with Mary Ito, host of Fresh Air.

WHAT'S NEW: 06/11/2010

THIS SUNDAY @ 7:30 am: Tune in anywhere in Ontario to CBC radio 1 to hear Karyn in a live interview with host Mary Ito. Find your local frequency here.

WHAT'S NEW: 06/11/2010

THIS SUNDAY @ 7:30 am: Tune in anywhere in Ontario to CBC radio 1 to hear Karyn in a live interview with host Mary Ito. Find your local frequency here.

WHAT'S NEW: 06/07/2010

**Limited** number of tickets left for the Catherine Studio North Creative MashUP happening THIS Friday June 11th in Hamilton. tour listings to find link to reserve your seat.

WHAT'S NEW: 06/07/2010 (2)

Karyn has been invited by the NXNE Festival organizers to play a second showcase at the Garrison on Sunday June 20, in addition to her showcase on Thursday at the Cameron. See tour listings for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 05/28/2010

Pedestrian Sundays @ Kensington Market (Toronto) - 1st one THIS SUNDAY! I'm playing around 5pm. See tour listings for details

WHAT'S NEW: 05/23/2010

Tons of articles from the tour posted in Reviews!

Reserve your spot for the Catherine North Studio Creative Mashup *live* with Ian Smith, June 11 in Hamilton Ontario. See tour listings for details

KapipalMy Kapipal project has raised a respectable $180 to date ($160 through the site, and an out-of-blue $20 cash-a-roo from someone I ran into one day in Toronto). Friends, there is plenty of room for additional contributors! Here's your chance to get involved in Karyn Ellis music in a direct, meaningful way. Read the pitch & contribute!

WHAT'S NEW: 05/18/2010

Tour wrapped up Sunday. Thanks everyone who came out to celebrate! Some amazing press for the new record, which I'll post soon. Meantime, read some on my Sonicbids Site, including an "Essential Track Pick" in Canada's National newspaper, THE GLOBE AND MAIL!



In a world where everyone downloads music for free, how do records get made? Community fund raising has become the new -- and possibly the only -- way for independent artists, those without any financial backing, to do it.

If every one who likes my music & wants me to keep making it contributed $5 to my Kapipal project, we'd more than reach my goal of $3500! And if everyone pitched in $10... why, the cost of recording my new album would be paid off and I could actually afford to make another one!

Seriously... read my pitch & contribute!

WHAT'S NEW: 05/10/2010

Just arrived home from the first half of the Ontario / Quebec tour with Janine Stoll... what a great week! The Cornerstone in Guelph last night was super way to end the run! We also visited Maxwell's, The Phog, London Music Club & Foster's Inn. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Now I'm in Toronto for a couple of days playing catch up before we head out again on Wednesday... this time, going east -- Peterborough, Kingston, Montreal, Wakefield (near Ottawa), Pembroke. Be sure to send your friends out our way!

See my tour page for details and a link to the facebook event page. Hope see you and your friends at one of the shows!

WHAT'S NEW: 04/30/2010

I played a house concert in Sudbury last night. Super nice vibe at David Wiewel's place. Afterward the show (luckily the rain held out), we sat outside by a mellow campfire. Me & a bunch of the folks who came out to the show. We chatted / exchanged songs and enjoyed the first inkling of summer nights to come.

THIS WEDNESDAY Janine Stoll and I head out on our 10-date double CD LAUNCH TOUR across Ontario / Quebec. See my tour page for the list of dates & cities and a link to the facebook event page. Hope see you and your friends at one of the shows!

WHAT'S NEW: 04/28/2010 (2)

Hey... Coolio! ETSWF is also #14 on CJAM 99.1 fm's Top 30 Chart in Windsor!

WHAT'S NEW: 04/28/2010

Woo hoo!! "Even Though The Sky Was Falling" is #9 on the National Folk/Roots/Blues Campus Radio chart this week... and NUMBER 1 in CALGARY!! :)

WHAT'S NEW: 04/19/2010 (2)

Great news! Just confirmed that Andy Sheppard is going to join me tomorrow night at the Local for a set of his songs, as well as join me on a few of mine!

WHAT'S NEW: 04/19/2010

Karyn has been resting up and plans to go ahead with her show on Tuesday April 20th at the Local. See you there tomorrow night!

WHAT'S NEW: 04/17/2010

Unfortunately, Karyn has had to cancel her show tonight in Bracebridge due to illness. More info about a reschedule date coming soon...

WHAT'S NEW: 04/01/2010

Music is free!! But recordings cost money. I've set up a Paypal link for those who want to pitch in...

You may not be aware that I finance these projects myself. There's no label backing me. Arts grants help, but they far from cover everything (Musicians, engineers, studio time, producer...). So, if you downloaded my album through a filesharing site or friend and love it... SUPPORT me and my merry music making ways: CONTRIBUTE $1, $5, $10, $20... however much you like! All money goes directly to me minus paypal fees...

WHAT'S NEW: 03/20/2010

Here at karynellis.com, we're SUPER pleased to announce the release of Be My Girl - Official Video on Youtube.com - visit to watch. Not only is it Karyn's first 'music video', it is also the first film that Karyn has ever directed/edited!

In LIVE SHOW news: Karyn is playing a few Toronto shows in the upcoming weeks starting with TONIGHT at Friend's House, 60 Lowther Ave. See Tour Page for details about this show and others...

WHAT'S NEW: 02/06/2010

Just announced: Karyn joins bill at Bluebird North Toronto, Saturday February 27th. See live show page for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 02/03/2010

More dates added to the double bill, double CD launch tour this Ontario! Stratford, Waterloo added, and we're just nailing down dates for Wakefield and London too.

In other news... Even Though The Sky Was Falling received a glowing review on th dutch website, AltCountryForum.nl. Read an english translation of the article. And for you folks who speak dutch too, check out the original article here.

WHAT'S NEW: 01/26/2010

NEW Tour dates announced! May 2010, southern Ontario

I am teaming up with fabulous songstress, Janine Stoll, who is also releasing an album this spring! Join us for for some double bill, double CD launch goodness! Confirmed dates include Kingston, Windsor, Peterborough, Guelph and Pembroke. We're firming up even more shows too...

WHAT'S NEW: 01/15/2010

Click here to read the translation of the stellar review of Even Though The Sky Was Falling in CtrlAltCountry.be

WHAT'S NEW: 01/12/2010

Wow, when it rains... another great review of ETSWF in !Earshot Magazine, the national campus and community radio report... To read it click here.

WHAT'S NEW: 01/12/2010

Coolio! Even Though The Sky Was Falling got 4.5 stars (out of 5) and the website's homepage CD Tip of the week on Belgian webzine: CtrlAltCountry.be! My Dutch speaking friend tells me it's a great review, but due to my lack of appropriate language skills, I've yet to read it! You can check out the original version here, and let me know what it says. :) English version coming soon!

WHAT'S NEW: 01/09/2010

Make that *two* blog entries! Don't forget to bookmark Letters To My Editor for weekly ramblings and goings on.

WHAT'S NEW: 01/01/2010

Happy New Year everybody! In keeping with the spirit of new, this year I decided to start a blog! Please do bookmark Letters To My Editor for weekly ramblings and goings on. As of today there is the one entry, but I resolve to add writings, photos, interesting links etc, in a regular manner from this day forward!

In other New Year's news, I was pleased to find out this morning that Even Though The Sky Was Falling appears on one of CHARTattack Staff Top 10 Album Lists For 2009! Check out Graham Kennedy's list. Sweet!

WHAT'S NEW: 12/16/09

Hallo! This weekend I'm joining a spectacular line up of artists playing at the Rivoli in Toronto to benefit The Stephen Lewis Foundation and the Daily Bread Food Bank. It is good to keep these issues at heart, and this time of the year is a fine time to express their importance. For more information about the shows and advance tickets, see my live show listings.

WHAT'S NEW: 11/27/09

Yep, still riding the joy from those fabulous Ontario CD Launch Parties! I'm happy to announce two upcoming Toronto shows this December.

Wed Dec 9th I'm playing a solo show at C'est What on Front Street. Here's an opportunity to catch my solo show... I predict it will be a little more intimate than the 11 piece band with choir at the Tranzac last month!

I've also been invited to perform a tune at The Annual Christmas Show at the Rivoli on Fri Dec 18th & Sat 19th. It's a food drive / fundraiser for the Daily Bread Food Bank and also The Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Check out the line up... Hawksley Workman, Melissa McClelland, Luke Doucet, Justin Rutledge, Rick Miller, Dave Bidini, Lori Cullen, Selina Martin, me, Kurt Swinghammer, Arlene Bishop, Jennifer Foster and more... Come enjoy an awesome night of music for two extremely important causes.

See my tour page for time & ticket information for both of these shows.

WHAT'S NEW: 11/22/09


Last weekend's show in London wrapped up a successful first round of CD Launch Parties in southern Ontario this fall. Four nights of full houses and warm & beautiful crowds! What a great way to send of my new CD into the world.

I'll be posting videos & pics from the shows soon, once I've napped for about a week!! There are a few things already up on my facebook page, so feel free to pop over there in the meantime. Here's a link to the page:

WHAT'S NEW: 11/16/09

Fourth & Final Launch Party This Weekend!

Thanks everyone who came out to the Ottawa and Maynooth shows this past weekend! Two more smashing successes, I must say! What a lucky little record, getting such a loving send off from so many amazing people.

Speaking of send offs... it is the fourth and FINAL Launch Party THIS WEEKEND! in London Ontario on Friday November 20th at 9pm at the Black Shire Pub. You can still pick up advance tickets at Grooves & the Village Idiot in time for the show. Speaking of Grooves, I'll be playing a free in-store warm up show at Grooves the afternoon of the 20th at 3pm. Drop by! For more info about advance tickets, the Launch Party and the in-store, see my Tour Page for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 11/11/09

Last weekend's CD Launch in Toronto was a fabulous success!! I played with an eleven-piece band and an at-least-twelve person choir... including my friends, Oscar (3 1/2 years old, you may recognize him singing the doots at the end of "Beauty") and Kai (who's 5 ~ he giggles away on the same track). We performed to an enthusiastic & very full house amidst candles, paper umbrellas & a paper skirt of flowers along the front of the stage. Check out photos from the night on my facebook fan page.

Speaking of CD Launch Parties, this weekend I take Even Though The Sky Was Falling on the road to OTTAWA on Friday November 13th and MAYNOOTH on Saturday November 14th (Ontario, Canada). This time I'm traveling as a trio, with Michael-Owen Liston on bass & banjo and Andy Sheppard on guitars & back up vocals. Andy Sheppard is also going to open both shows with a set of his amazing guitar playing. Visit his website for a taste of what I mean.

These are going to be seriously sweet-o nights! Tickets are selling well, so be sure to pick up your advance tickets or arrive early. For information about how to get your advance tickets and show where/when-s, visit my Tour Page.

Of course, forthose of you in LONDON Ontario it's not too early (nor too late!) to get your advance tickets for the show at the Black Shire Pub on Friday November 20th!

WHAT'S NEW: 10/25/09

It is less than two weeks away to the start of my CD Launch parties in southern Ontario, starting with the Toronto CD Launch on Friday November 6th!!!

All the shows are a ticketed events and the venues are a small, so be sure to GET ADVANCE TICKETS to avoid disappointment! Visit the Tour Page for details on how to order.

By the way, you can now buy Even Though The Sky Was Falling on "ZUNIOR.com, a coolio online digital store that sells all sorts of fabulous independent Canadian Music. Check it out!

Those of you who prefer the sensation of holding a physical copy of the CD in your hands, you can order it directly from me (I'll even sign it!). It's also available on CDbaby.com, along with my previous records.

WHAT'S NEW: 10/9/09

Be sure to buy your advance tickets to the CD Release shows this November. These are small venues and are likely to sell out! More info on my Tour Page.

Speaking of the release shows, I'm pleased to announce that Andy Sheppard will be joining me for my OTTAWA and MAYNOOTH shows, starting the evenings off with a set of his sweet guitar playing & singing, and then adding guitar to my tunes too. And of course, the lovely Allison Brown is my special guest at the London show.

These shows mark the official launch of my new CD, Even Though The Sky Was Falling, and you'll be able to pick up your copy at one of the shows. Or, if you like you can PRE-ORDER a copy now! I will be sending them out shortly. (Incidentally, if you prefer a digital only copy, you WILL be able to get it through iTunes & Zunior and other digital stores in a couple of months. Hang tight!)

WHAT'S NEW: 9/22/09

Two more launch shows added in Ottawa & Maynooth! See live show dates for details...

WHAT'S NEW: 9/1/09

Fall's around the corner, and so is the release of my new record Even Though The Sky Was Falling.


Mark down Nov 6 & Nov 20th on your calendars ~ those are dates of my CD Launch Parties in Toronto & London Ontario! with more release dates to be announced soon...

Before that, three shows in September with Will Gillespie, Andrew Vincent & the Saltcoats. See live show dates for details...

WHAT'S NEW: 8/18/09

I apologize for the scant updates here on the website lately... it's just that I've been super busy! The new record heads off to the manufacturing plant THIS WEEK!!!! This means that if you are one of the lucky ones who sponsored and/or pre-ordered the record, you'll be seeing your shiny new disc(s) in the mail within the month!! For everyone else, fear not... you'll be able to get your copies of Even Though The Sky Was Falling too!!

Mark FRIDAY NOVEMBER 6TH on your calendars!! Details about the Toronto CD release party coming VERY soon, including how to pick up your advance tickets...

Meanwhile, if you're in T-town next weekend, Sunday August 23rd, I'm singing a song at Joanne Mackell's all-day, all-night JAMBO in the CITY. Tons of great bands playing in the fabulous Cameron House. See live show dates for details...

WHAT'S NEW: 7/1/09

Happy Canada Day! I'm spending the day looking at footage we shot last week for a VIDEO of BE MY GIRL from the new record! More about that soon...

If you're in Toronto during the month of July, join me at NOT MY DOG for a four week residency. I'll be playing Tuesdays 8pm to 9:15pm. See E-POSTER or Tour Page for more details.

WHAT'S NEW: 6/15/09

I spent the last two weekends performing as a guest artist at the The New Waves Festival at the Young Centre in Toronto, (part of the Luminato festival). Full report to come, but for now let me say how enjoyable it was to host wee tea parties and sing new ditties from the upcoming record Even Though The Sky Was Falling for five people at a time in a costume closet.

Speaking of the new record, there is still time to become a sponsor for the album! The songs are mixed, but I still haven't finished the artwork. So now's a good time to hop on into this project and get your name on the liner notes for helping to create such a fine record! See www.myspace.com/karynellismusic for details.

Don't forget there's a special wrap up / listening party happening Monday July 6th for "Brollies & Boots" and "Slicker Waders" sponsors (folks who pitch in $100 or more). We'll be previewing the new record - a bunch of the musicians who play on the album will be there too - while nibbling snacks and toasting ourselves on the back for a job well done! :) Let me know a.s.a.p. if you'd like to be part of this.

Also, I am doing a residency at Not My Dog in Toronto on Tuesday July 7, 14, 21 & 28 to workshop songs from the record. It's an early show each week starting at 8pm and wrapping up by 9:15pm. See the tour page for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 5/1/09

I'm appearing on Moose FM radio TODAY! Tune in at 2:45pm to hear me interviewed on Jackie Nixon's artist profile segment! Listen on www.moosefm.com click on Huntsville, click on listen live. He's even going to play a new song from my upcoming record, "Not Looking For Love"!

WHAT'S NEW: 4/26/09

Six out of ten songs on Even Though The Sky Was Falling are already sponsored, so be sure to act soon if you'd like to get involved in supporting the record before its general release this fall. www.myspace.com/karynellismusic

WHAT'S NEW: 4/3/09

I've created a Fundraisin' the Roof! page at www.myspace.com/karynellismusic where you can, for a limited time, check out rough tracks from the record and find out more about pre-ordering/sponsoring the album. Check out some photos, too, from the studio sessions.

WHAT'S NEW: 3/19/09

"Hey Karyn, how's the record going?"
"Yeah, good. It's coming."
"GREAT! When will it be done?"

...folks, the new album, Even Though the Sky Was Falling, is ALMOST done! You can now PRE-ORDER your copy!! Click on:


WHAT'S NEW: 3/04/09

REMINDER: two Toronto shows coming up tomorrow and Monday! See Tour Dates for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 2/22/09

Hockey anyone? I spent the afternoon yesterday at the Gas Station Islanders' 2nd annual outdoor skating party at Wallace Emerson Rink here in Toronto. Played a couple of tunes, ate some awesome chili. I even did a few laps around the rink ON SKATES!!, my first time in like, three years!! (** Okay. I didn't actually play any hockey. I'm working up to it. Next year!!)

Not only did the GSIs host an awesome rock'n'roll skating party, they were raising funds for RIGHT TO PLAY, "an international humanitarian organization that uses sport and play programs to improve health, develop life skills, and foster peace for children and communities in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world. " Check it out.

In other news, if you're in Toronto... I'm playing a couple of shows at the Rivoli & the Gladstone in a couple of weeks from now. See Tour Dates for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 12/02/08

New video posted: Watch/hear Karyn & Rob Szabo sing together on a couple of tunes at Rob's CD release party at the Cameron House in Toronto this past fall.

A couple of updates posted on GWG shows in Jan/Feb 2009 - see Tour Dates for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 10/22/08

See the E-POSTER for details about next week's show at Hugh's Room in Toronto.

WHAT'S NEW: 10/5/08

I have uploaded an E-POSTER for you to check out about that show with Bob Snider at Hugh's room at the end of the month.

WHAT'S NEW: 9/27/08

I'm so pleased to announce that I'm playing a show at Hugh's Room in Toronto with the fabulous and lovely Bob Snider on Wednesday October 29th. Double firsts: It's the first time I will play a show-proper at this beautiful venue, and also my first time sharing the stage with the legendary Bob Snider!! See Tour Dates for details.

WHAT'S NEW: 8/20/08

Final line up listings for the TRANZAC shows in September now listed. In addition to MC-ing these four amazing variety shows, I'll be playing a set of my own tunes with band on Wednesday September 3rd. See Tour Dates or check out the e-poster for details.

And on Sunday August 24th at 6pm, tune in to 1010 am Toronto area or listen online to Rock Talk on CFRB with hosts Bob Reid & Blair Packham to hear me in my six minutes of fame including a live performance of a brand new song!

WHAT'S NEW: 5/11/08

Hey! I just found out that the film, Happy Fridays (Gareth Griffiths, UK), which features two of my songs, is screening at the Cannes Film Festival next week as part of the Short Film Corner program.


WHAT'S NEW: 4/13/08

SPRING!! Hallo sweet sun. I'm emerging from hibernation to play some shows in and around Toronto over the next couple of weeks. In addition to the goldies, I'll be trying out new songs that I've been writing for my next record, Even Though the Sky Was Falling, which is coming out later this year.

(PS, more news soon about pre-ordering your copy & also how you can get involved in the project by sponsoring a song.)

And hey, did you have a chance to check out the youtube videos yet? Remember to add your comments/ratings!

WHAT'S NEW: 2/23/08

Apologies! The Freeway Show in Hamilton on March 7th has been cancelled. This show was booked to replace the show with Twilight Hotel that was snowed out a few weeks ago, but due to scheduling conflicts, Karyn will not be able to make it. We'll keep you posted on new dates...

WHAT'S NEW: 2/19/08

Coolio! Crack out the champagne ~ Karyn's joined the ranks of Youtube. In particular, check out her live performance of Not Looking For Love from the recent Girls With Glasses show at Aeolian Hall in London Ontario February 8, 2008. (Courtesy of Teresa Tarasewicz of City Lights Bookshop in London). Youtube members, be sure to add stars & comments!

WHAT'S NEW: 2/1/08

So sorry, but it turns out Karyn will not be able to make the show in Hamilton tonight due to snowy/icy road conditions. But, Karyn says, if you are in the Hamilton area and feel like going out anyways on this beautiful evening (walk or cab it!), you should check out Twilight Hotel at the Freeway anyways! They'll be playing two full sets. They're from Winnipeg, and they're great!

Karyn has rebooked the show at the Freeway for Friday, March 7th. More details to come...

WHAT'S NEW: 1/14/08

Tune in Mon Jan 14th - 7pm and Mon Jan 21st - 8:30am to CIUT fm. I'll be performing/chatting live on the radio with and about the Girls With Glasses.Not in Toronto Canada? Well then, LISTEN ONLINE!. More info on my tour page. Toots!


WHAT'S NEW: 1/11/08

FOUR GALS, FOUR YEARS, FOUR EYES! Girls With Glasses Fourth Annual Tour starts January 18th! woop. Click the thumbnail.


WHAT'S NEW: 1/04/08

It's 2008.


And a happy new year to you! My gosh, it's but two weeks away to weekend number one of the Girls With Glasses Tour: first stops Peterborough & Creemore. Yep GWG dates are finally settled - you'll find place, ticket & time deets on my tour page.


WHAT'S NEW: 12/09/07

It surprises me to write the words "another year's coming to an end"... wasn't it yesterday that I first threw off my sweaters and long johnnies and embraced the warm blush of early summer? Now I'm sitting on my porch back in those same warmies looking out at the twinkling of snow that blankets the street - brings silence to the city and a longing to curl up into a long winter nap.

But although it has been a quiet few months for me in terms of playing live shows, I have been busy at home writing new songs and engaging in the long-haul process of recording that legendary "next record".

Would you like to hear rough mixes of a couple of my new songs? Please do! Listen to new recordings on my myspace page.

Still early - wee kernals roasting in the popcorn pot - or more seasonally apropos: chestnuts and an open fire. Enjoy your nibbles! And I wish you a beautiful, peace-filled holiday season. Talk to you soon, karyn

WHAT'S NEW: 11/07/07

I'm so pleased! Creaking Tree String Quartet has invited me to join them in Kingston for their CD release party on Nov 23rd. Naturally I said yes!! See my tour page for details...

(Oh, and while you're there, you may notice that I've posted the first few confirmed concert dates for the 4th annual Girls With Glasses tour happening Jan/Feb 2008. More dates to come!)

WHAT'S NEW: 10/03/07

Well, I'm back in Ontario. A couple of mini appearances before I hunker down for a quiet fall. See my tour page for details...

WHAT'S NEW: 09/22/07


Hallo! So, I'm writing this to you from a borrowed computer a la dial-up internet in Lac-du-bonnet, Manitoba. I'm just in the middle of playing a bunch of shows across southern Manitoba. "What?", you say, "How come I didn't hear about that???" Okay, most of these concerts have been 'private' house concerts - put on as 'parties' for friends of the host, and not open to the public... BUT, I am happy, nay, thrilled to announce that I will be performing **in public**: on THIS


at The Wayne Arthur Gallery

186 Provencher Dr

If you're in the neighbourhood (ie anywhere in southern Manitoba, tee hee), please come! It's $15.00, all proceeds go to artist (aka: me!) Doors 7pm/show7:30pm.

Reservations are 99% required (so that we know how many people to expect!). Reserve your seat, do it! Please contact Bev at bemorton@mts.net or call 204.477.5249.

WHAT'S NEW: 08/02/07

New downloadable/hi res photos posted in the press kit section.

WHAT'S NEW: 06/19/07

I'm hunkered down into the songwriting project now (thanks Canada Council! Did I mention they granted me support to write the next record? Woop! Happy me.) This means it's gonna be a quiet summer in terms of live appearances. In fact as I type this I have but three shows coming up later in August & September. (See tour dates for details.) This fall I'll play a couple of low-key shows in and around Toronto to workshop the new tunes -in the meanwhile I'll let you know if anything else pops up so do check back...

WHAT'S NEW: 04/29/07

So what would touring be like without the airplane? In my efforts find out, I'm hopping on the VIA train - first booting around on a couple of short trips to Montreal & Ottawa then spending three days plus two hours a la railway to Vancouver from Toronto. Of course, I'll play couple of shows while I'm in v-town (hey, I just noticed that one of my gigs there is at the Railway Club! - heh.). Check out tour dates for details on these various May shows.
NEW VIDEO: posted on www.GigNightOnline.com. Check out a partial live performance of Beach from my March show at the Phog (in Windsor Ontario). Please do leave your comments & rating, too!

Did you catch my tune on Robson Arms on CTV last week? If not, you still have another chance. Tune in to the Comedy Network: Saturday May 12th, 8:30 pm ET & PT. Listen closely when Bobbie drifts off to sleep on the couch...

WHAT'S NEW: 03/30/07

My song Karianna will be appearing in the Robson Arms season II finale - episode 13 "Texas Birthmark". This is the first time my music will be in the soundtrack of a national television show!! (I heard that one of Mary Margaret O'hara's songs is in this episode too. Woop!)

The episode airs on CTV: Saturday April 21st, 9pm ET & PT and on the Comedy Network: Saturday May 12th, 8:30 pm ET & PT.

If you're new to Robson Arms and want to get comfy with the characters/show before seeing MY episode *laughs*, check the broadcast schedule/episode synopses on their website (I think you can also watch missed shows online too): www.robsonarms.com.