Karyn Ellis - Hearts Fall

A turn of phrase here, an obscure notion there, instrumentation of subtlety and emotion and melodies you will be whistling before the disc is through its first spin, these are the hallmarks of a very nice CD. Nothing is ever cliché. No song is over-played or over-produced.  One gets the feeling that this is a labour of love for the Toronto songwriter and performer.

Karyn Ellis is a classically trained vocalist but don't set in your head visions of operatic cleanliness and deep diaphragmed posturing.  Her voice dances along the line between cool and quirky without falling onto the wrong side. She comes across rather like Victoria Williams but clearly with her own sensitivity and sensuality. Standout songs like Movie, Four AM Love Song and Sugar Beet define her diversity. This is the sort of disc you are likely to buy several of to spread among friends.

Chris Martin
Penguin Eggs
Spring 2006 issue, No. 29


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