On this, her first full-length release, Toronto's Karyn Ellis surprises and delights.   A unique combination of rustic musical textures (stand-up bass, honky-tonk piano stylings, etc.) and a dead-on modern lyrical approach, Hearts Fall hits all the marks beautifully.   Her sweet voice is presented wonderfully by the airy/clean off-the-floor production that allows the listener to hear this CD as if Ms. Ellis and her bandmates were playing a few feet away.   A nice balance of slowly thoughtful tunes and lively upbeat numbers ensures that boredom is kept at bay throughout.   Fine musical interplay by all concerned does this one proud and left me certain that repeat listens will only yield further rewards.   Modestly wonderful amongst the prevailing climate of music-biz mediocrity.   A

Rod Nicholson
SCENE Magazine (London, Ontario)
February 16th, 2006

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