Getting Folksy at the Grassroots Cafe

On Saturday December 6th Peterborough's only vegetarian co-operative restaurant put singer-songwriter Dave Tough (of Silverhearts banjo fame) and folk singer Karyn Ellis on the menu. ...

photo credit: Tania Anderson

...After a fine cup of coffee (only $1!), Karyn Ellis once again brought in the audience focus for a set that included soulful ballads and upbeat tunes that inspired more than on toe to tap, or hand to clap. Ms. Ellis, one patron remarked, is a female singer not trying to be Sarah McLaughlin. She has a very distinct and haunting voice, at times raspy blues reminiscent of Janis Joplin at others portraying an innocence that cannot be adequately described. Once again the crowd was nearly silent as she performed.

The feeling of respect and openness from both the artists and the audience was very refreshing for one who is used to seeing a band in a crowded, smoky bar. The format at Grassroots allowed for an intense feeling of intimacy with the artist, allowing you to feel as the performance was solely for your benefit.


Source: Tough Drum Magazine, an online magazine from Peterborough, Ontario. December, 2003.

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