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notebook entry #41 - June 25th, 2006

Oh Karyn! Talking to yerself again. (Click it...)

notebook entry #40 - April 28th, 2006

Last Saturday at C'est What with Dirk.

notebook entry #39 - January 18th, 2006

Here's a post radio interview picture at CIUT 89.5 fm - Toronto on Tuesday January 17th

That's Roadrunner host, Sarah Greene.
*thought bubble* - I was talking to a friend last night on the phone, who swears she saw me ride by on my bicycle yesterday. Thing is, my bike is lockrusted to the iron fence in front of my house... flat tires, pinched brake wires, a sorrowful unkempt completely unrideable heap ie: nope, not me! So could it have been Sarah, my doppleganger?
notebook entry #38 - Dec 3rd 2005

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Afternoon Breakfast
Flying Kisses Shooting Stars
We Surprised Life
Happiness is...
Saturday's Parade
His Her
When We Went Out
Tootie Frootie

notebook entry #37 - July 28th 2005


Nuzzled into Vancouver's sandy beach with red wine & gourmet pizza, leaned up against a huge driftwood log as the nearly full moon spread its silvery icing across the surface of the ocean.

Dined on free sweetheart candies courtesy of the gas station attendant outside Red Deer, Alberta (I paid for the cola-gummies).

Drove into Edmonton on the last leg of our 4000 km journey to see - after 2 weeks of achingly beautiful blue skies - a lightening storm dancing in the grey prairie clouds... a spectacular show of popping flashbulbs on the horizon.

Flew home via Calgary on a Dash-8 thirty-seven seater airplane that skimmed so low over the earth that I could actually detect the motion of trucks along the highway below.

notebook entry #36 - May 2nd 2005

I'm crotchety.
I'm dancing a waltz in 4 4 time.

notebook entry #35 - Feb 21st 2005

I am thinking of taking a day off. Of turning off this computer, or better yet never turning it on for an entire 24 hour period of time. Time expands and compresses around me, there is always time to do one more thing, chat with one more person, send one more email, add one more update to my small task becomes 24/7.

Turn it off. This thought makes me nervous. Oh my, what important opportunities will I miss (I mean, beyond getting cheap meds online) - will my big break sign itself out after not hearing from me for as long as a day? And how will I be certain I am connected to other human beings if I can't trace your text on the monitor, hear the clackety-clack of the keyboard as I cut & paste words that project my exact and clever response? Will you accept me as this imperfect, unedited, non-bite sized and three dimensional gal who frequently stumbles over her tongue and figgits with her thumb ring as she speaks?

notebook entry #34 - Jan 9th 2005

Whoah! I'm sick. Finally sitting upright after 3 days of sleeping & feverish talking to myself. (I feel so unproductive, so slothenly,... so much to do - no time slack off with a little 101 degrees and stomach woozies! No, no... must sleep!)

Tania brought me water, club soda, veggie soup, and when I could stomach it, crackers and mashed potatoes. Now she's sick, sleeping & moaning - it's such a virulent nasty flu bug! -- so I'm bringing her liquids, and going stir-crazy in my room.

Poor sick me! Pat me softly on the head! Bring me hot miso soup, and rent me a sappy movie, snuggle me up on the couch in blankies from my bed! Give me kisses on my forehead & remind me I'll be all better soon!!

notebook entry #33 - Dec 12th 2004

Drip notes into a pool of glasses
Ladies dance, toss shoes along the baseboard
Visiting musicians open fifths.

Technique uses imagery to perfect posture
I am a pirohette, mental ballerina
Sits, legs splayed, after curtain calls.
Adventurous spirit takes miniscule steps
Crosses continents like fingers traverse the yellow pages
Find a plumber on a Sunday, and you can stake your flag.
Eight-year-old girls in their ten-year-old sisters' tutus
Assured whether hair is frizzy or straight, dancing
Chins press upward into azure sky.
Fumbling in my wallet, I pull out a coin
I feel ripped off by the hole in my jean pocket
I know there once was a ticket living there.
I cannot get you to stop at crosswalks
I beg you, slow down you vicious meter!
An over-heated radiator brings you to attention.
Announcing two-for-one sale on woolen mitts
I imagine the one-armed woman
Who would rather pay full price for her dignity.
Five-year-old spreads in the backland of the fridge.
Never-goes-mouldy, dries-in-jars and presses-the-ancient mustard
Water cannot reconstitute desire to go under.
notebook entry #32 - Nov 21st 2004

Home from west. I am bleary-eyed and weary-bodied & man, I can't wait to get traveling again! Got 200 pictures to sort through on the digital camera I borrowed for the trip... noooooo! too tired to imagine that task right now.

Last night I went straight from the airport to my dear friend's birthday bash. The party was packed with people I know, all asking "how'd it go, how'd it go?" (being my first major tour and all, my friends are quite excited for me)... and I was so exhausted & overwhelmed with the experience that I couldn't form words on my lips. Instead, I smiled maniacally, repeated ad nauseum "fun, oh it was fun!". And, that's still pretty much all I can say about it. Gonna take me a few days to sort through the mental pictures, too.

If pressed for highlights, I might add that it was pretty cool to receive a delicious bumbleberry pie from Penny Lovely, who came to Ann's & my show in Red Deer Alberta-liked what she heard, and felt that Ann & I simply had to have one of her fabulous pies for our drive to Calgary! Heh! (Penny runs a small pie-business, baking 400 pies week to sell at local markets & restaurants... she uses her mom's recipes, she said.)

I might also mention the incredible hospitality showed to me by Brian, Mavis and Dillon (who's 3) Hamilton. I stayed with them during my 5-day visit to Vancouver, PLUS they threw a gorgeous house concert for me-which was, I think, one of my performing highlights. Unamplified-the audience was utterly attentive -and, included among the guests was a woman who I went to grade seven with! Imagine that!-There was Beaujoulais Nouveau wine (swish!), cheese' n bread & mounds of deep dark chocolate truffles. Yum.

Oh I must be hungry as I'm writing this 'cause I keep thinking about the food I ate on the road. (Did I mention the jalapeno poppers I ate for my first road breakfast the morning after the Sudbury gig??? YUM YUM!) Okay, other than that, all'n all, I ate pretty well on the road. Many places I played fed me veggie/rice/zesty/good-for-you/saucy/organic food. And, though I confess Ann & I did stop at a fast food joint twice, I ordered salad-I swear! I'd say that, on the whole, getting good-for-you road food is pretty possible these if you're traveling in Canada.

mmm... I think there are salsa and chips in the kitchen...

notebook entry #31 take 2 -- Oct 26th 2004

Oops, I'm a nerd. I accidentally erased the other "entry #31" while updating my site just now. Luckily, I had this older version of my notebook tucked away in the recesses of 'harddrive C'... so I only lost one little blurb. If anyone happens to have it kicking around, let me know!! Something about Wayne, pianos, airplanes & spinning into nosedives.

Oh, and what happens when you rush. Heh. Isn't that just so.

notebook entry #30--Aug 23rd, 2004

So after my show in Edmonton last Tuesday, I took a wee holiday... packed up the cooler & car and cruised around Alberta with a friend of mine for four days. Wow, the amazing variety of landscape all within a 4 hour drive of Edmonton.

Okay, didn't pay the $3 to go up inside the giant dinosaur in Drumheller, but did stop by the hoodoos & convened with the wind, which has been patiently and persistently whittling away the sandstone into cartoon-like sculptures for thousands & thousands. Actually, hoodoos really aren't all that tall... 8 feet at most. Seem far more ominous in the roadrunner cartoons. Stunning none-the-less. They strike me as a visual measure of 'a long time'.

I notice too that driving through the badlands feels like driving INTO the cracks of the earth. The flatness of the prairies splitting into the smooth, ribboned coulees that crevice the highway.

Oh, hey. Stopped in Wayne, Alberta...had a beer at the tavern/inn (that seems to be about it for drop-in business in Wayne, except the campground). It's the coolest lil town, with a population of 42--and a bridge count of 11 joining patches of land along the snaking creek. Each house it's own little neighbourhood. You know, I think I could live there.

Stopped by Bragg Creek Provincial Park and then on to Jasper. A substantial drop in temperature, reminded me of ...brrrrr.... late fall weather in Southern Ontario. Several layers, including a wool sweater. I could see my breath. Heh! Gotta say I'm feeling quite appreciative that there are still those last few weeks of summer once I get home to Toronto. But wow, the scenery! Beautiful! Get this gal a postcard!

For about half an hour before reaching the mountains, silver and floating sculptures appeared in the sky-- the effect of distance/atmosphere hazing out any sense of a third dimension or connection of the mountain to the ground. Looked to me like otherworlds. Like the stuff of fantasy novels & Lord of the Rings.

And, tomorrow I hop on a plane & traverse three provinces to arrive home again. Maybe I should take a lil tour around my neighbourhood, see what kinds of landscape we got going in Ont.

notebook entry #29--Aug 11th, 2004

I wish to lead you there.
Push bareskinned through wilderness and prickly pear.
Impenetrable, burdock streaks my calves with red and silver lines
for I am careless, and impatient in rhyme.

You reason roast chicken and tubs of presliced mangos
are backwood enough to sustain you.
Steal away from the city for the length of ice in a cooler,
and a full tank of gas.
That if you did not need food, you would not need nourishment.

But all time holds sway in branches of ancient oaks.
And wild flowers grow in canvas fields, where breeze displays their gold.
You need do nothing here but feed your hunger by fire
and fall slumber beneath an irridescent sky
while the waltz of the firefly shimmers, forms new constellation of desire.

notebook entry #28--Aug 5th, 2004

One tacit moment of splendor,
Two placid smiles on grinning chins
And thrice tock-tock of monotonous clock
cries four yawps as the lovers slip in.

Five o'clock ships rub the twighlight raw,
lusty shadows with a sixth sense of skin
and the heavenly scent of these seven nights spent
thrusts eight wonders into effervescent spins.

When force shakes earth to the nines on the scale.
Then one to ten, they'll do it again.
Over in clover, and over again.
In shades of crimson and midnight and ale.

notebook entry #27--Aug 2nd, 2004

Communication's tenuous at best
An electrical storm knocks out the internet.
Portable phone beeps its last hurrah, then dies.
I can't find a stamp in this mess of a bedroom,
and besides nobody makes a pen that lasts any more,
the ink's gone and

Bleeds on my finger, and darkness is my friend.
I am a broken telephone, but I'll mend.

notebook entry #26-July 30th, 2004

Hey, I'm not lost; I'm at sea
torrential waters swirl around me
bring choppy waves, and smell of salty reverie.

Maybe you fell out of the same boat, too.
By strength of current that pulls me to you.

And all I've got is an inflatable yellow jacket
hoisting shivery shoulders to my ears
and a flaming blue plastic whistle
sounding insistence and crystal clear
and a faint and silver life line
beading sorrow and joy and fear.

And people get into ships and sail away.

notebook entry #25--June 25th, 2004

Okay, so that was fun! Back home from my mini-tour out west. And, already itchy to hit the road again. Ah wait, that might be the mosquito bites from Winnipeg! Tee hee.

notebook entry #24--June 13th, 2004

Quick note from Edmonton, Alberta.

To say, having a fabulous time! Shows have been racous affairs--who'd a thought I'd be a swinging bar gal/player! And the other day I got to play one of my new songs & chat with Luka Symons on CKUA radio afternoon edition...which broadcasts province wide! Wee! Pretty cool.

A little later today, I think I'll go check out a series of Short Plays, part of the NextFest theatre line up. Then a wrap up party, then...I can't believe it's already time to leave and head over to Winnipeg tomorrow evening! Stay tuned for more news from Manitoba...

notebook entry #23--May 28th, 2004

I remember once driving through the prairies somewhere in northern US. I was surrounded by night time--no streetlights on a country road...and ahead I saw a train passing by, perpendicular to the highway & lit up from inside.

So, I slowly eased on the brakes, expecting any second to meet the horizontal lines of undulating light. Seconds passed into minutes, still black highway stretched out ahead. Flashes of light, but no rumbling stacatto of train wheels on tracks. There was something unworldly about the shape of the light and the lack of sound, surreal squares that floated in silence above the oily black road.

After several hesitant minutes of alternately hitting gas & brakes (each moment expecting I'd need to screech to a complete stop for the passing train), the light suddenly shifted in shape and condensed into familiar windows, and I began to notice the rhythmical clanking of metal scraping metal. At last I reached the train. I had been driving on this straight, flat road for at least three minutes...maybe five or six miles. And, in this odd landscape my brain played tricks on me--needed to make sense of the lack of reference points. And constructed floating windows on a surreal train that projected itself miles closer to me than it really was.

notebook entry #22--March 28th, 2004

I just got home from my show in Kingston last night, and I feel like jotting down a quick something. I had a stupendous time, just over 24 hours in town, visiting with old friends and record shops & of course, a cuppa joe at the goat.

And, it was a real honour being part of Jill B's CD launch party last night. She & I met in Kingston a few years back -- though lately she's been living out east doing her thing there. So, it was good to hang a bit as well as getting another chance to hear her play. And, it's so exciting to see her work taking off like it is! Hurray!

Okay then, off to get a bowl of soup and then to my pillow.

notebook entry #21--February 22nd, 2004

mindful whimsy
weathered coward
fugitive imprint
punctured tone
flagrant pastry
little fellow kingfish

notebook entry #20--February 8th, 2004

tympanic hush
lisping eloquence
tittering moan
relentless interlude
glacial fury
clipping stupor

notebook entry #19--February 6th, 2004

When's the last time you went toboganning? Why so long ago?

notebook entry #18--January 11th, 2004

Oh my young heart so tender and open.

I was googling the other day and came across a snippet of "Hey little bird"--that song I mention in my bio (I sang it at my first public performance when I was nine.) Click the link if you want to hear the song that started off my career...heh!

I also liked singing "It's so Nice to Have a Cuddle" and "Eye to Tummy". Sandy Oppenheim's whole album, "If snowflakes fell in flavours" sure made my little kid heart soar.




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